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Owning an original painting comes with a certain kudos,   but until relatively recently a hand-painted original would often cost a small fortune.    The 'Art World' however is changing and in many ways the internet is replacing the commercial gallery model.   Many artists like myself, are bypassing the 50-60% gallery selling fees altogether and instead selling to 'you' the customer directly.   This means the artist's set price plus direct shipping from studio to you, amounts to drastically less than if it was sold via a traditional gallery

I mostly work in artist acrylic paints (some of these i make myself, where commercial offerings are too transparent or lacking pigment load),  though occasionally I will use Gouache or Oil colour.

 Regardless of the paint binder though, I exclusively use lightfast pigments and archival materials, this ensures that your investment in me is matched by my investing in only using the highest quality materials, ensuring your painting will be looking bright and colourful for generations

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